From reporting on the rising desire to dress preppy like Princess Diana or a goth like Kourtney Kardashian to investigating sex workers, I have 8 years’ experience as a fashion and culture journalist, copywriter and creative consultant. Based in London, I have contributed to several brands and publications including Who What Wear, KOIBIRD, OMNES, BURO., Refinery 29 and FLANNELS.com on editorial, content, digital strategy and styling.

Fully immersed in the contemporary fashion landscape – and by this I mean the one with TikTok, the Metaverse and a climate crisis – I have written and consulted on fashion NFTs, digital trends and sustainability. Be it brand identity, TOV, art direction or social media strategy, I work with brands at all levels, from start-ups to established luxury houses, on social campaigns, creative brand copy and digital strategy.

A writer and digital-obsessive, I can spot an online trend or a rising micro-influencer from a virtual mile away. Moodboards, memes, algorithms and avatar skins, what can I say? I love the internet! I get the zeitgeist and enjoy nothing more than helping brands speak the digital language.

Amongst many things, I’m enthusiastic about fashion, film, as well as youth and internet culture.

For commissions, slide into my DMs at @rebeccarhysevans or hit me up on rhysevansrebeccca@gmail.com